CommChoice offers the latest in high speed Internet for business. From a single site connection using ADSL2+, to a multi site Private IP WAN we have a unique way of getting the best results for each site. Put simply, each carrier has a variety of connections at different locations. Some locations offer more choice than others, and determining which carrier can offer the best connection at each site is virtually impossible for a customer to determine.

Through our unique relationships, we can do exactly that. We can take the best on offer, at the best prices, and deliver these connections to your locations as one seamless network.

Quite often delivering a faster, more reliable service, at a lower monthly cost.

We specialize in delivering networks capable of running VoIP ( voice over IP ) and achieving high quality voice carriage, for seamless inter office communications. Prioritization of network traffic is easily achieved through our unique method and delivery of your services.

Want to know more, or would like to speak to one of our existing clients using these services, then contact us for more information.