Q: Can we get cash back every month with Lyoness for all of our services?
A: Yes we provide cash back for nominated products and services for Lyoness members.

Q: How long does it take for my lines to be moved from my current carrier to CommChoice Vonex?
A: Normal transfer time for telephone lines is 5-7 working days.

Q: Will there be any disruption of my services?
A: No, transfers or “churns” as the industry calls them are seamless and no physical changes actually take place on your premises.

Q: Is there any cost to relocate my telephone lines to CommChoice?
A: No, relocating your lines to CommChoice for rebilling is free.

Q: Will I need to contact my existing carrier before we sign up
A: No, it is not necessary to inform your existing carrier prior to change over, provided you know you are not under contract with them.

Q: What if I am still under contract, can I still move across to Commchoice ?
A: A: You can still relocate your lines, but you may be up for contract break fees. You would need to check with your current provider to establish exactly what the break fees will be.

Q: Can we order new lines with CommChoice ?
A: Yes you can order new lines with CommChoice. We can supply all types of lines for home and business, which include PSTN lines (Traditional analogue lines) ISDN2 (Digital lines) PRI ISDN 10,20,30 all supplied on Telstra network. We also can supply Optus multiline 10,20,30 and SIP trunks (VoIP internet based lines) from Vonex.

Q: Do you have technicians to assist with telephone line installs?
A: Yes we can arrange technicians to provide the final cabling connections for home and business.

Q: What are the install charges for the connection of new lines?
A: Connection fees are: In Place services = $59.00 Connection with a technician visit =$125.00 New telephone line complete installation = $299.00

Q: Are all 'standard' Products & Services available on-line 24/7?

A: Yes, the 4 main product categories are available from the CommChoice home page. After your registration, all the standard Products & Plans have very simple & easy on-line forms to fill out. Click on the CommChoice LOGO above to check out the great options.